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April 4, 2021

 (Thanks: India Today)

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Following is the name list of the personnel killed in the Bijapur ambush in Chhattisgarh.

District Reserve Guard (DRG)

1. Sub-Inspector Deepak Bhardwaj

2. Head Constable Ramesh Kumar Zurri

3. Head Constable Narayan Sodhi

4. Constable Ramesh Korsa

5. Constable Subhash Naik

6. Assistant Constable Kishor Andrik

7. Assistant Constable Sankuram Sodhi

8. Assistant Constable Bhosaram Kartami

Special Task Force (STF)

9. Head Constable Shravan Kashyap

10. Constable Ramdas Korrram

11. Constable Jagatram Kanwar

12. Constable Sukhsingh Faras

13. Constable Ramashankar Paikra

14. Constable Shankarnath

CoBRA (210 Battalion)

15. Inspector Dilip Kumar Das

16. Head Constable Raj Kumar Yadav

17. Constable Shambhurai

18. Constable Dharmdev Kumar

19. Constable S M Krishna

20. Constable R Jagdish

21. Constable Bablu Rabha

Bastariya Battalion

22. Constable Samaiyaa Maravi

News: India Today